The Hiatus

Hello everyone!  Man, it's been a while.  I know I said I was going to start posting more things, I did the total opposite! Sorry!  There's a reason for all of this, but I can't explain myself just yet.  I wanted to give you an update as to why I've been on a hiatus.  August … Continue reading The Hiatus

Work and Relaxation 

The closest beach to Atlanta is about 4 hours away.  Lakes are not beaches.  So anyway, because my heart is still in Florida, I want to make it a point to work my camera every time I'm there - especially if I'm going to get in some beach time.  Earlier in the year I did … Continue reading Work and Relaxation 

Sister, Sister – An Impromptu Shoot

Last weekend I was a little bummed out because the model shoot I had planned got cancelled and we had to reschedule.  However, I got a call in the evening from Juliet saying she was thinking of me because of something she and her sister, Shirley, wanted to do for a friend of the family. … Continue reading Sister, Sister – An Impromptu Shoot

Playing with the Big Boys

n as I’ve been on this journey to figure out my photography career, I realize that the up and down has helped me narrow down a lot of things. I was researching some modeling agencies here locally and was overwhelmed at how far away from my style they are. From what I’ve researched you should … Continue reading Playing with the Big Boys