The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

Hi everyone! Happy August! I hope I didn't make you wait too long. Thanks to those who are still around. I said I'd be back in August and it's definitely not a coincidence that August 1st just so happens to land on a Tuesday this year. So let's get into this. I know you read … Continue reading The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

The Hiatus

Hello everyone!  Man, it's been a while.  I know I said I was going to start posting more things, I did the total opposite! Sorry!  There's a reason for all of this, but I can't explain myself just yet.  I wanted to give you an update as to why I've been on a hiatus.  August … Continue reading The Hiatus

Fall Wedding – Ahmet & Halida

I had a first time request this year.  The bride's sister contacted me for wedding photos before the wedding.  I asked if she needed ceremony or reception, but she stated no, just a 2 hour session before the actual ceremony.  This was a great job because I got to shoot my favorite part of the … Continue reading Fall Wedding – Ahmet & Halida

Puppy Love – Laura and Lee

‘Tis the season for couples with doggies! As a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady, I have no problem with anyone bringing their dog along to a portrait session. I love dogs and am ashamed to say that when my coworker, Laura, introduced me to her boyfriend, Lee, I said hi to his dog first. *hanging my … Continue reading Puppy Love – Laura and Lee

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

My goal this year is to get my work published preferably in a well-respected magazine. I tried my hand at one with a beauty editorial. It was my first studio shoot of the year and I was eager to get the work submitted. I made sure to follow all the guidelines to a T including … Continue reading If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Sister, Sister – An Impromptu Shoot

Last weekend I was a little bummed out because the model shoot I had planned got cancelled and we had to reschedule.  However, I got a call in the evening from Juliet saying she was thinking of me because of something she and her sister, Shirley, wanted to do for a friend of the family. … Continue reading Sister, Sister – An Impromptu Shoot