Angie and Ruben – Engagement Shoot

About a month ago, I traveled from Atlanta to New Jersey to do an engagement session for Ruben and Angie.  I've known Ruben since he was about 16 and met Angie a few years back after hearing Ruben always talking about how great she was. (Awww)Angie knew she wanted a sunrise shoot on the beach … Continue reading Angie and Ruben – Engagement Shoot

The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

Hi everyone! Happy August! I hope I didn't make you wait too long. Thanks to those who are still around. I said I'd be back in August and it's definitely not a coincidence that August 1st just so happens to land on a Tuesday this year. So let's get into this. I know you read … Continue reading The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

The Hiatus

Hello everyone!  Man, it's been a while.  I know I said I was going to start posting more things, I did the total opposite! Sorry!  There's a reason for all of this, but I can't explain myself just yet.  I wanted to give you an update as to why I've been on a hiatus.  August … Continue reading The Hiatus

Getting the Shot – Behind the Scenes

One of my goals for this year is to shoot more and more.  I decided to start out last month using myself and my husband as subjects.  As my previous post stated, I'm not a huge fan of winter.  I avoid being outside as much as I can, but I really wanted to do a … Continue reading Getting the Shot – Behind the Scenes

How to Make Your Subject Smile (and Still Look Natural)

At one point in my photography career, I was almost against smiles in my photos.  I thought it was cheesy and unauthentic, but now my lifestyle brand is youth and fun.  Smiling is a definitely a necessity when I shoot!  The challenge is making those smiles look genuine. As a parenthesis, I definitely still appreciate the … Continue reading How to Make Your Subject Smile (and Still Look Natural)