The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

Hi everyone! Happy August! I hope I didn't make you wait too long. Thanks to those who are still around. I said I'd be back in August and it's definitely not a coincidence that August 1st just so happens to land on a Tuesday this year. So let's get into this. I know you read … Continue reading The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

Where’s my Spark?

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Atlanta and the transition hasn’t been as smooth as I anticipated. Yes, I have a stable 9-5 job, but let’s be real. That’s what pays the bills. The end. There is nothing else to that that helps me feel accomplished or motivated in anyway. I don’t … Continue reading Where’s my Spark?

7 Questions- Michael Del Priore

  Every month I'll be featuring an artist to get different perspective on the industry. This month I got to interview Michael Del Priore.  He's a 26-year-old photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  He free lances part-time and manages a school photography company in the Atlanta area.  All photos featured on this post are his.  You're definitely … Continue reading 7 Questions- Michael Del Priore