Back-up Plan

A few weeks ago, I headed to West Palm Beach to attend my brother's high school graduation.  Anytime I get the chance to travel outside of Atlanta, I want to make sure and schedule a shoot.  (Which I did, but more on that next week.)  A day before I left for West Palm, my dad … Continue reading Back-up Plan

Polishing the Studio

I feel the need to share a little backstory on my studio as to not give the impression that I am a hoarder (though I can have these tendencies lol).  I've lived in my current residence for 11 years which means I moved there with my mom the year after I graduated high school.  The … Continue reading Polishing the Studio

Why My Reflector is BAE

I love the studio.  I really do.  I also know how to work my strobes and speedlight very well.  Lately, though, I've been shooting outside in natural light since I'm going for more of a lifestyle/commercial vibe.  Since my style resonates of a summer vibe, I tend to get a deep sunflare or backlit subjects … Continue reading Why My Reflector is BAE