Angie and Ruben – Engagement Shoot

About a month ago, I traveled from Atlanta to New Jersey to do an engagement session for Ruben and Angie.  I’ve known Ruben since he was about 16 and met Angie a few years back after hearing Ruben always talking about how great she was. (Awww)

Angie knew she wanted a sunrise shoot on the beach so I made sure to plan to be in New Jersey for at least 3 days to give us some options in case the weather didn’t pan out.

Good thing I did because when we woke up on the morning of the shoot, it was cloudy and rainy.  I was kind of bummed out.  Actually, really bummed out.  We made it work though and it actually ended up being a 2-day shoot.

The rainy sunrise had cooler tones and Angie’s red dress really popped!  The afternoon shoot the next day was of course warmer, but just as gorgeous.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!  If you want to see some behind the scenes footage, you can watch that here.


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