The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

Hi everyone! Happy August! I hope I didn't make you wait too long. Thanks to those who are still around. I said I'd be back in August and it's definitely not a coincidence that August 1st just so happens to land on a Tuesday this year.

So let's get into this. I know you read the title and are probably wondering what the scariest thing is. Well, here it goes.

I'm quitting my job.

So maybe that was a little anti-climactic, but let me give you some history on this decision that, for me, is pretty monumental.

The last time I was unemployed was 2009 and it wasn't by choice. I'd lost the first job I actually somewhat enjoyed and it took a 7-month job search to land me a job at a grocery store which I thought I had left behind forever. I took the job because I was newly married and we didn't have much to live on.

I hated every minute of it. I'd get to the stop light right in front of the store and the feeling of dread would take over my body. Maybe it sounds dramatic, but it's unfortunately very true. Fast forward about a year of me hating my job and complaining to my best friend about it: she was able to forward my resume to her manager.

I interviewed at this new company and was offered the job on the spot. Long story short, here I am 7 years later at the same company. There were times I've loved this job and times I've hated it. One thing, though, has never changed: my heart has never been in any of it.

I know there's this false romantic notion of following your dreams that Millenials seem to fall for. Some make it. Some don't. I'm well aware of how dumb all of this sounds. Giving this job up means giving up a good living, bonuses, good health insurance, and a nice "status." It's not like I have tons of clients lined up right now where I know I'm going to recoup my income.

Why am I doing this, then?

Because I don't want to be behind this desk 20 years down the road, looking back and wondering "What if?"

The bottom line is, I've been with little and I've been with much and God has provided in both circumstances. At the end of the day, you can't put a price on peace of mind.

And who knows? Maybe I'll fail.

But maybe I'll fly.

3 thoughts on “The Scariest Thing I’ve Done

  1. Reading this made me so incredibly happy. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a job just to pay the bills, but I also believe that there are few things as fulfilling as work that you believe in. To any naysayers who suggest, “but what if it doesn’t work out?” you can just point to the story you just told. You’ve been in tough spots before, and you can always find another job like the one you’ve left if you have to.

    But when you succeed and do fly, maybe you’ll inspire some others as well. I mean, this post gave me some extra inspiration and motivation for my current projects. So, go get it! I’m really stoked for you!

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