Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories

If you didn’t already know, last year I started a YouTube channel. (That’s actually the reason I’ve been behind on these blog posts.) If you’re not really into YouTube (I wasn’t until I started my channel), I’ll let you know that there are certain “clichés” that you’ll hear in the YouTube community. One of them is “the first 100 subscribers are the hardest to get.” You see, YouTube isn’t like Instagram where you can import your Facebook friends and get your first few hundred followers that way. 

You literally start at zero subscribers. Sure, you can ask your family and friends to subscribe, but that won’t get you very far. I can go on and on about the how and why it’s so hard to get those first hundred, but instead I’ll just skip ahead to the point of this post. Recently, I finally hit the 100 subscriber mark on my own channel! Cue the confetti and fireworks! (I made a short video about it that you can check out here.)


It would be very easy to discount such a seemingly small number, but I personally think it’s important to celebrate the small victories. Often in life when we’re working towards a goal, we tend to look at the finish line and forget to look at our progress. This leads to comparison and discouragement. We look at others who have already reached a goal we’re trying to attain and think “How is this so easy for them?” or “I’m never going to be able to get to that point.”


What we forget is that everyone who’s gotten there, started at zero just like us. They went through the doubt, the highs, the lows, etc. When we focus only on the goal without taking a glance at the process, it’s very easy to lose our way and give up. Clichés exist because they’re true. (Ironically that very statement is a cliché.) Have you ever heard “it’s about the journey, not the destination”? Well, that’s what this is about.


I will also add that while it is important to celebrate those small victories, it is just as important to use them only as a stepping stone. Don’t dwell on them. Be proud of your accomplishment, but keep working toward the goal. 


So, while I’m absolutely stoked to have surpassed 100 subscribers, I’m now working on 500! (and so on and so forth)


If you want to be part of my YouTube journey, you can check out my channel here and subscribe to become part of the family! I post vlogs on Mondays and Fridays!

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