5 Ways to Find Inspiration 

As someone with a regular 9-5 job, routine can get to me. It feels like a real life version of the film Groundhog Day. The alarm rings at the same time every day. I take the same route to work every day (although I try to change it up from time to time). I leave work the same time every day. By the time the week is done, I’m worn out and my inspiration level is so low I’m not sure if it even exists any more.  

I saw a quote the other day that at first made me a little defensive, but after thinking about, I realized was very true. It said: “If you’re not finding time to work on your passion every day, you’re not tired, you’re uninspired.” 


My initial reaction was “Hey! I am tired! You don’t know me!” I quickly realized that, while it may be true that I am tired, it’s more of a mental burnout. I really am uninspired. So naturally, this made think of a quick and simple list that we can all use to find some inspiration when it seems like we’ve lost it.


1. Open the windows – You may not be able to do anything about this in your office, but you definitely can at home. Light therapy is a thing! I don’t know the scientific evidence behind it, but I can definitely tell you that in my experience, it works! Surrounding yourself with a brighter atmosphere can help cure cabin fever and almost instantly make you feel better. Get out of the dark and let the light in!

2. Put on some good music – Music can make or break any type of mood. Why do you think films win Oscars for their movie scores? They evoke feelings and things in us that maybe we didn’t know we felt. If you’re already feeling down and you start listening to melancholy tunes, I can tell you that you’re probably not going to feel very cheerful afterwards. Whether you want to relax or get pumped, choose something bright and positive. I personally tend to lean towards reggae since it reminds me of warm, summer days.

3. Watch an inspiring film – I’m a very visually stimulated person, so sometimes seeing someone go out and do something that I want to do inspires me. Movies about travel are always good in my opinion. If you’re going to watch tv on your uninspired day, try to find something that will change your mindset. I like to Google “movies about travel on Netflix.” You can find some hidden gems that will make you say “Hey, I can do that, too.”

4. Take a drive while listening to a podcast – For some people, driving is stressful. I actually like driving around. It relaxes me. Now I do hate being stuck in traffic, which is why I don’t recommend doing this one during rush hour. Pick a time in the evening or on the weekend where traffic is minimal. (I know this doesn’t really work for cities like Los Angeles, and I’m pushing it being in Atlanta.) Take the back roads if need be and put on a motivational podcast. (Or combine number two and put on some good music.) I’ll go into some of my favorite podcasts on another blog.

5. Go for a walk or go on a microadventure – If you missed my post on microadventures, go give it a read. Sometimes inspiration lies literally outside of our front door. It just takes us stepping outside for a short period of time to get our mind stimulated. Even though it may seem impossible sometimes, see if you can sneak off on your lunch break and take a walk outside. I find the outdoors to be the source of most of my inspiration.

The desert inspires me!

While I know this list only provides a small boost to your inspiration and motivation, it’s a start! Sometimes all it takes is a small ripple to cause something great.


What inspires you? Leave a comment below!

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