Where’s my Spark?

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Atlanta and the transition hasn’t been as smooth as I anticipated. Yes, I have a stable 9-5 job, but let’s be real. That’s what pays the bills. The end. There is nothing else to that that helps me feel accomplished or motivated in anyway. I don’t regret moving, but something’s happened. I’ve lost my spark somewhere along the line.  

In Florida, I had at least two shoots a month. I was starting to build my book pretty well. And then I left. Into a city where I know hardly anyone. My drive to find new faces is dwindling. I’ve tried to put myself out there on Thumbtack to at least get the family photography side of my business going, but I’ve had no bites. I did a family shoot in February that I thought actually went pretty well, but the client wasn’t really all that happy with it. (Talk about being kicked while you’re down)

 Maybe this sounds like I’m whining, but I’ve just been very discouraged. Even when I’m pushing for new work, it gets overlooked. My promo emailers have been noticed less and less. My work isn’t getting any worse and I’m striving for it to be better. I’m embracing my lifestyle brand and making my photography all about that and yet, nothing. 


It all feels like a losing situation. I’m sure I’ll be out of the slump soon enough, but it feels like it’s gone on longer than it should.

 Watch the vlog where I talk about this here.


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