Work and Relaxation 

The closest beach to Atlanta is about 4 hours away.  Lakes are not beaches.  So anyway, because my heart is still in Florida, I want to make it a point to work my camera every time I’m there – especially if I’m going to get in some beach time.  Earlier in the year I did a beach lifestyle shoot that was a little more laid back as far as style goes.  This time I wanted a beach look but with more of an evening flare. 

I didn’t intend this shoot to be a trio since I’ve shot two previous shoots with a trio of friends, but one of the girls that was going to be in the shoot was sick and couldn’t make it.  

My two little brothers were my male models and they brought along their beautiful friend, Julie.  The chemistry between all of them was so great.  They needed very little direction which is always great!  This has made me realize that I really love shooting with teenagers.  The energy they bring is so motivating.  

I decided to make this shoot super warm to take some of that Florida sun with me.  

Watch the vlog about this shoot here

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