Back-up Plan

A few weeks ago, I headed to West Palm Beach to attend my brother’s high school graduation.  Anytime I get the chance to travel outside of Atlanta, I want to make sure and schedule a shoot.  (Which I did, but more on that next week.)  A day before I left for West Palm, my dad asked me to take my brother’s cap and gown pictures.  It was a little unexpected, but I was down and either way I was going to have all of my camera gear with me.  

I left the location-picking up to my brother since I’m not super familiar with West Palm and it was sort of a last minute shoot.  He decided on this cathedral where he had taken his prom pictures 3 weeks prior and where coincidentally I had taken my cousin’s daughter’s quinceañera pictures like 4 or 5 years ago.

Now, mind you, I always check if there’s a fee or something to that nature when I shoot at places like this.  When I shot there before, the place was filled with employees and not only did I shoot the quince pictures, but also my cousin’ engagement photos.  During this whole two hours of me shooting on the property, no one approached me to say anything.  Given the fact that my brother had just taken prom pictures there 3 weeks prior, I didn’t think anything of it especially because we were shooting in the gardens and not inside the church.

This time the place was definitely empty and I set him up to pose when an employee came up and asked us how we were going to pay for the payment.  Very unprofessional in my opinion.  I didn’t put up a fight, just simply asked “Do you need a permit to shoot here?” In other words, is that what you actually meant to say instead of being passive aggressive?

Anyway, luckily the beach was walking distance and it was a beautiful sunset.  

To see the vlog about this shoot, click here


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