The Vlog Blog!!

I’ll be gracing you with wonderful freeze frames from some of the already-filmed episodes.  I assume you need a smile today. 🙂

Today is the day! Today I launch my vlog! I know what you’re thinking: “Does the world really need another YouTube channel?” and the answer is: “Probably not.” So why do it? So there are a lot of reasons why I’m doing this and why I was inspired to do it. Let’s touch first on why I’m NOT doing it.  

I’m not doing it because I want a viral video. Viral fame is very short-lived and the chances of a video going viral are slim anyway. It’s kind of like winning the lottery. Also, I don’t care about fame.  

I’m not doing it to become a YouTube star. Again, I don’t care about fame. That’s all.

 I’m not trying to be Casey Neistat. (If you don’t know who Casey Neistat is, he’s worth a google search.) I’ll be honest. I was very inspired to start this by watching his vlog. Although his movies are strategically planned, it has a raw element that draws you in. Also, I’ll never be as cool as Casey nor am I trying to be. The dude rides around in a motorized skateboard. I can’t even ride a regular skateboard. So, unless I want my YouTube channel to be about me falling off of various things with wheels, this will not be happening.


So let’s move on to why I am doing this. Like I mentioned before, I was very inspired by Casey to do my own vlog simply because of the fact that he takes the time to create something every day. I’ve always loved video editing. About 10 years ago, my youth group was doing its monthly youth services at church and I was in charge of making the promotional videos. These videos were horribly corny and poorly filmed, but we tried our best. I shot and edited all of these videos on Windows Movie Maker 1 point something, but I loved every minute of it. (Well, maybe not the part where my computer would crash every 5 minutes.)

 The videos were probably 5 minutes long, but took me hours to edit. My old roommate can attest to this as she would always see me sitting in front of my computer working on those videos. My point is, I’ve always been intrigued by cinematography and have never really exercised my ability in it. This vlog gives me a chance to do that. It also gives me a chance to make sure my creative muscle never gets weak and to make sure I eventually break out of my introverted box.


There are a lot of vlogs by “the pros” and people who are already on top in the industry. I don’t know about you, but when I watch videos of people who have all of the latest gear and amazing photo jobs, it makes me start to get a little impatient with my journey. What we don’t see is how they got there and the struggles they went through. I figured it might be nice to have you on my “still trying to make it” journey so you know you’re not alone in it either.


What not to expect:

-A super glamorous life where I meet celebrities.

-breathtaking cinematography with aerial shots of the city (I don’t have a drone)

-ultimate swag (of this, I have none)


What to expect:

-A dork who gets amused and amazed by the simple things

-Full transparency (you’ll see my breakthroughs, my disappointments, my mess-ups, and everything in between)

-Behind the scenes on days I have shoots

-Good enough cinematography where it’s engaging, I promise 🙂

 While not every single vlog will be about photography, it will be the main idea. I’ll be releasing a vlog every Friday around noon (eastern time) (except for today cuz I was too excited to wait that long) so you can hold me to that! (I’ll also keep blogging every week as well for those who are more readers than watchers.)


Check out the first episode here (and subscribe to get notifications when they’re posted!) 


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