It’s crazy how you can plan all these details for a shoot, but sometimes it’s the impromptu ones that come out the best.  Rebecca (who, by the way, also used to live in Jacksonville) texted me one morning while I was at work asking if I had any plans in the afternoon.  The day was super nice and she wanted to get out and shoot.  

My mind wasn’t in shoot mentality at the moment so I originally wanted to push a shoot off until the next day so I had time to kind of plan everything or at least think it through.  Then Rebecca suggested a fitness shoot since wardrobe was fairly simple for that.  I was sold.

I’ve been wanting to start incorporating fitness into my portfolio for a while.  We decided on Piedmont Park (which I call the Central Park of Atlanta) since it’s super vast and has an awesome cityscape right in the middle.  

Rebecca took care of her hair and makeup and we were golden.  It was a perfect afternoon and I’m so glad I didn’t decide to wait until the next day because it was super overcast and we wouldn’t have gotten the awesome golden sun.  I seriously can’t wait to do more fitness shoots in the future. 

Also, Rebecca is an awesome model!


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