Press On 

I went to Jacksonville again a couple of weeks ago for a prom shoot and decided to book a shoot with model, Summer Brunelle.  While I’m caught up in the responsibilities of my day job, I have to take advantage of any opportunity I have to shoot vamp up my portfolio (more on that next blog.) 

Spring is a tricky season to shoot in, at least in Florida.  I was counting on warm weather, but it was windy and cold.  The forecast said rain all weekend but luckily we were able to dodge the bullet and finished the shoot righy before it started falling.  However, the wind made it challenging.

With Summer’s loose long hair we had to kind of play with posing.  In the end, some of my favorite shots ended up being the ones where hair was all over the place!  It was definitely a fun shoot as always and Summer was a really good sport. 

Check out the behind the scenes video here.


2 thoughts on “Press On 

    1. I agree the model is gorgeous but so are you! Be confident in who you are now even if you’re still working on your body. Embrace every aspect of yourself. 🙂 thanks for checking out the post!

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