A New Beginning 

I was supposed to write this blog last week in an exciting tone as a farewell and a hello. Because I’ve been so busy with everything, the week snuck by on me and now I’m writing it from a different place – not a physical place but mental. As some may know, I’m leaving Jacksonville and moving to Atlanta, GA. I was offered a new position in my day job which is causing me to relocate. Let me tell you, there are so many mixed emotions going on in my head right now. On the one hand, I’m super excited. It’s a new city, a new adventure for my husband and I. On the other hand, I’m sad. I’ve grown up here. My friends and family are here. My church is here. The beach is here. Ah, the beach. I got sad looking at some of my work from the summer when I realized the beach is now going to be about 4 hours away instead of 20 minutes. 

I also have a pretty good client base here and sometimes I feel like I’m just throwing it all away. Am I? This is my first big move by myself and some days it feels fine and others, like today, feels like maybe I’m making a mistake. That’s the thing with life though: You can’t know until you actually do it. I could easily say “forget it” and just stay here comfortably like I have been. If I do that, I’m sure later, in one of those days that I feel stuck in a rut, I’ll regret and be like “I should’ve taken the chance.” 


A lot of people were shocked because they thought I was moving because of a photography job. They ask if I’ll still keep doing photography. I could never leave photography. I still have hopes that one day I’ll be able to make it a full time gig and I’ll keep working towards that. I officially packed up all of my gear last night and thought, “Next time, I’ll be shooting in ATL.” And there came the excitement once again.


Yes, it’s different. Yes, the unknown can be scary, but that’s the thing about being human – we’re not omniscient. So in order to find out, we have to just go and do. If it doesn’t work out, I know I can always come back. So with the approval from my heavenly Father, I can say “watch out Atlanta, Iris Bonet Photography is coming for ya!”

(As an ode to the beach, some of my beach shoots)



2 thoughts on “A New Beginning 

  1. Great photos!! how did you do your trademark on every photo?? I’m looking to do that, but it looks like it takes so much work!

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