Golden Hour – The Ortiz Family

I had a pretty busy November with all the mini sessions. Just as I thought I was wrapping up, my cousin contacted me and wanted me to take pictures of her family. Of course I had to make room in my schedule for family! Plus, Ali (her daughter) is so cute and sassy that I couldn’t wait to photograph her again. So I put it on my schedule and sent her a few locations since she lives in Georgia and is not familiar with Jacksonville. She decided on Treaty Oak Park which was great because believe it or not I had never shot there before despite it being one of the most photographed locations in Jacksonville. 

Treaty Oak is this great small park with a huge, old oak tree in the middle. The branches hang down like octopus tentacles and there is a small boardwalk that surrounds it. We went in the afternoon where the sun perfectly came through the branches. Towards the end of the shoot, a lot of photographers started getting there, so I’m glad we decided on the time we did. The greatest part of all was finding a red balloon randomly that was on a signpost. It matched perfectly with the outfits. This was one of my favorite shoots of the season!








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