Summer Reimagined

Work on the family side of things has [finally] slowed down a bit and I’ll go through my archives from time to time to revisit old work.  I came across my swim shoot last year with Summer and was surprised at how unimpressed I was with it.  Originally, I thought it one of my best shoots.  I think after learning a few tricks over the last year I can look at it now and say, meh.  

I decided to go back and pick different frames and rework them.  Decided to with an edgier feel.  I look back and realized that, before, I immediately went for sexy and overlooked shots that were so much better. 

The shoot seemed too bright for me so I made sure I added some soft light and hard light blending changes and muted the colors a bit.  Originally I was going to completely go black and white but something about the skin tone drew me to desaturate instead.  

I’m not ashamed to throw out new edits, because it shows growth.  (See the old edits here.)



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