Beach Series – The Mander Family 

When I haven’t seen clients in over a year, I’m excited to see how they’ve changed. In this case, the last time I saw little William, he was 7 months. A year later when the Mander family asked me to do their Christmas photos again, I knew he’d be walking. Such was the case! I didn’t have to chase him around, but he moved around just enough for me to get some really cute shots of not only the whole family, but of the little superstar too! 

He looked at the camera out of sheer curiosity of who I was, but it totally worked out for me. I went a little cooler than I usually do for shoots because the day was cloudy and they were wearing shades of blue already. A warmer feel would have changed the color unpleasantly. The cooler tone actually gave a “walking on clouds” feel, which I was pretty happy about


Here’s the attractive Mander family!


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