Beach Series – The Sur Family

I never intended for families to dominate the front of my camera. It sort of just happened and I’m glad it did! Every family is so different and it’s awesome to see the different personalities in the parents and the kids. As a photographer, this makes our jobs very interesting. Some families have children who need a little encouragement to produce a smile. Others have children who smile at everything and you have to chase with the camera because they’re so full of energy. The Sur family was a mixture of both. Eva was so full of energy and wanted to jump and dance at every chance while little Eric was a little more calm.  

The trick was getting them together to get the best expression out of both of them. Sometimes this takes bartering and promising that their parents will take them “somewhere fun” afterwards. (I only say this after the parents say it first, of course.) Eva made it clear she was the leader of this shoot so I made her a deal: Give me a few good shots and I’ll let her leave. We literally shook on it and I got some amazing shots of this beautiful family.



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