Faux Fall

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m part of a few online photography groups – 2 local and 1 international. I very rarely post anything in these groups for a few reasons. The local groups are, unfortunately, filled with photographers that are unwilling to help and jump at every opportunity to criticize those who are there to learn. Not all are like that, but it’s just not a friendly group. For this reason, I only post in the international group for advice and everything else. They are the kindest strangers I’ve ever met. So anyway, I tend to just linger around the local groups looking for job opportunities and things like that. 

While doing so one day, I saw a post from a model, Jadah, asking to do a TFP shoot. I jumped at the opportunity and, while others went back and forth arguing that they should know what TFP means (Test for prints for those who don’t know), gave her the link to my website. Fortunately, she loved my work and was excited to work with me. I was excited because I really need new faces for my fashion site. I love my current faces, but variety never hurt anyone!


I definitely wanted to do a fall theme shoot with chunky sweaters, but we’re in Florida. The coldest it’s been this whole season is 55 degrees and that was only for one day. Needless to say, when we did the shoot, it was 80 degrees outside. Jadah was a good sport, though. She sported those sweaters and acted like there was a chill in the air. We chose downtown for the location instead of a wooded area to kind of just change up your typical “fall” look. 


Thank you, Jadah, for choosing me!



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