Cooling Down

There’s a little area I walk to every day during my breaks at work where I’ve always wanted to shoot. It’s called Tapestry Park and the area is very small but has the perfect mix of city and greenery. I thought it’d be a great place to do a fall shoot. Being perfectly honest, my creative “juju” was a little down this day so the shoot was very short, but I am happy with the shots that I did get.  

As most of my followers know, I’m usually one to shoot very warm. However, with it being fall, I decided to go a little cooler on this shoot. I added a cooling filter after warming up the photo first and I loved what it did to the highlights. It reminded me of when we would do split-toning in the darkroom. 


This one is my favorite shot:



The filter didn’t do the same thing on every photo so this shoot was definitely more experimental on my part. As a photographer, it’s my job to get better and grow, not stay the same. So it’s definitely a trial and error situation. Some things work and some don’t. I mostly used my telephoto lens on this shoot because I like the bokeh it gave me, though I did switch back to my 50mm for some. I’ll be back with more fashion next week so stay tuned!


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