Candid Minis – The Faulkner Family

It’s always awesome when previous clients use you time and again. I got to photograph the Faulkner family on a foggy day last year when the twins, Logan and Aiden, were only 7 months old. I remember they were sleepy and quiet as they had just woken up from a nap. They were (and still are) so cute and small. This year Logan and Aiden are almost 2-year-olds so you can imagine that the sleepy boys from the year before were no more. They were full of energy and ready to play all day! 

This made for such a fun shoot for me. As a lifestyle photographer, I love candid shots more so than posed ones. They both have such different personalities and it made for great photos. We were still able to get some posed shots but we mostly let the kids run around as I chased them with my camera. Parents are always a little worried when their kids are restless, but as photographers, it’s our job to capture the quick, sweet moments in between the runaround so this doesn’t bother me at all. It was truly a pleasure photographing this beautiful family again. 🙂



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