Varsity Squad 

Happy Thanksgiving (to those in the U.S.)! I hope you’re reading this while you’re waiting for dinner to be done and enjoying the smell of the turkey (or whatever your choice of meat or non-meat) roasting wafting through the house. Personally, I’ll take ham and/or brisket over turkey any day. So let’s get down to photography. Just to get some fashion going again, I completely forgot to blog about one of my favorite shoots I’ve done all year!! 

I’m trying to get more into group shooting since I lean more toward lifestyle fashion. For this shoot I decided to use models that are actually best friends which made it so easy to shoot. Can I also just say that these kids (they hate when I call them that lol) are gorgeous?! I didn’t grow into my looks until now (at 30) and they are 16, 17, and 18! Can you believe it?? So anyway, I definitely wanted to keep it very “high school” and incorporate some fall fashion into it as well. The original plan was to shoot at a high school football field. My alma mater to be exact. The field was open in the morning but when we got there in the afternoon everything was locked down. I was most definitely disappointed, but since I didn’t feel like being arrested or fined for trespassing, I had a plan B.


We went to Ed Austin park in Arlington which has a really nice skate park. I wanted two different looks for this shoot. One more “jock” and “sporty” and another one that was more “preppy” (omg do people still use that word?). I’m by no means a stylist but I feel like we got the looks down. Again, because they are actually best friends in real life, the chemistry was on point. Thank you to Patricia Glenn for doing the makeup. She is awesome as always. I loved this shoot and am hoping we can do a repeat during a different season.


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