That City Life – The Perkins

I’ve always wanted to live in a big, bustling city like New York or Miami. I love “city life” shoots, so when one of my friends reached out to me for a mini-session and said she wanted a city look, I was muy…excited! (Selena joke. Sorry :P) We obviously couldn’t travel to one of these big cities to achieve this look, but fortunately Jacksonville’s downtown cityscape was sufficient. I wouldn’t call Jacksonville a busy city. Big yes. Not busy. However, our downtown area can be very attractive.  

For this shoot, we walked down Laura St. (one of the main streets in the downtown area) and around the entrance of the landing. I had so much fun on this shoot. If we could’ve kept shooting all night, I would’ve. Laila Bear (the doggie) was so cooperative as well. I loved her expressions! It helped a lot that Danielle and Michael are a very fashionable couple. (You guys know how I feel about fashion!)


(Fun fact: Danielle and Michael have been together since they were in 8th grade 🙂 )



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