Break the Rules!!!

I’m not one to condone bad behavior.  Most of my life I’ve been known as a goody-two-shoes.  Mostly because I felt like no one else would get caught and the moment I bend the rules I’d get punished.  However, with photography I feel completely different.  

I’m part of a few online photography groups and sometimes I see photogs get so pretentious with their “critiques.”  I don’t go to these groups to get critiqued because I know better, but I still observe.  

“Your highlights are blown out… Her expression is weird.. They are off-center” so on and so forth.

I’m all for learning the basics of photography and correct exposure and color, but once you have that, MOVE ON. Break the rules! Over expose! Warm up that image, cool it down. Etc!  Have fun, experiment.  Because if you always “follow the rules,” you’ll have boring images.  And you’re totally missing out on the “art” of photography.

Here are some images from when I was a newbie always following rules (before my fashion days):


Pretty standard. Nothing special. 

Here are some broken rules:


As you can see, the background is overexposed and her hands are a little clipped off.

Sun spilling on her hair causing an overexposed background. Legs cut off just above the knee.
Yes, I could’ve used a flash to fill both subjects while exposing for the background if I wanted to follow the rules, but honestly I don’t like the aesthetic and it’s not my style.  

Neither of these methods is wrong.  You have to know when breaking the rules is acceptable and when it creates just a bad image.  That comes with time.  

Just don’t be pretentious and look at an obviously good image and nitpick technical flaws that actually add essence to the photo! It doesn’t make you sound smarter and more experienced.. It actually makes you seem more like an amateur because you can’t see the photo for what it is. 

Oops! I did it again! 😛

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