Polishing the Studio

I feel the need to share a little backstory on my studio as to not give the impression that I am a hoarder (though I can have these tendencies lol).  I’ve lived in my current residence for 11 years which means I moved there with my mom the year after I graduated high school.  The room that is now my studio used to be my bedroom.  Since then my mom has moved out, I got married, my husband moved in, and the master bedroom is now ours leaving my old bedroom empty.  

Long story short, after deciding to make the small space a photo studio, it’s gone through some changes, but remnants of memorabilia from my high school days remained in the closet.  I wanted to make this space a more practical studio space with storage for my equipment so I asked my sister to help me because she loves organizing, but I really don’t.  I get overwhelmed very easily with all the objects around me.  Nevertheless, we went to it on a Saturday. 

(It got much worse than this.) 

I found some kind of cool things like my first cell phone ever: 


I look horribly sleepy here lol

And this gem:


There were definitely some things I questioned letting go of, (like old notebooks that had hand written notes from my bff in class before anyone texted, old ticket stubs that I swore I’d make a scrapbook out of some day) but in the end I had to make the tough decisions and only keep what was truly important, like pictures and things like that.  
This was the donation pile: 

And this was trash: 


I didn’t throw away my Wii, just the box. 🙂
I went from a cluttered closet:

To a place I can actually store my studio and camera equipment when not in use.

The next thing I’m doing is painting the walls that nice studio grey!  My little space is coming along slowly, but surely. 🙂 


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