Why My Reflector is BAE

I love the studio.  I really do.  I also know how to work my strobes and speedlight very well.  Lately, though, I’ve been shooting outside in natural light since I’m going for more of a lifestyle/commercial vibe.  Since my style resonates of a summer vibe, I tend to get a deep sunflare or backlit subjects on most of my shoots when possible.  As most know, when you backlight a subject, they usually need to be lit in some way in the front.  Most people would say to use a fill flash, but honestly, I’ve never liked using flash outside during the day.  Not because I don’t know how, but because I don’t like the aesthetic it creates.  

There’s something about flash where you can just tell it’s flash.  I’m not saying it doesn’t create a good image, but for my style it just doesn’t fit.  However, I still need to light my subjects in some way.  *Enter reflector*  

If you asked me to take the least amount of equipment on a shoot (not including my camera of course), I’d pick my reflector before anything else. (BAE, ya feel me?)   Right now I’m using a 22″ Fotodiox 5-in-1 (pictured below).  That size will usually run you about $30-$40, but I was blessed enough to find it on amazon on Black Friday for $10! 

It’s so portable and versatile.  I started using the silver side but have most recently switched it to gold since most of my shoots have a warmer tone to them.  It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my photography career.  This size is also small enough that if I can’t find an assistant, I can maneuver it myself without too much hassle.  I’m sure I’ll get a bigger size in the future, but for right now, it’s working just great. 



4 thoughts on “Why My Reflector is BAE

  1. I must admit for my location work I use a low power flash to light the face (I do a lot of fashion/glamour style model shoots). I have a reflector – but rarely ie never – an assistant. How the heck do you deploy it and still get a shot?

    1. Hi! Yeah flash is definitely the go to for certain aesthetics so I’m definitely not knocking it! I can usually shoot with one hand pretty steadily since the reflector is small. Plus I have a battery grip so that helps with the vertical shots. Definitely not preferable though. I’d rather have an assistant help. I miss some good shots when it’s just me because of the angles etc.

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