Building Concepts – Going Beyond Technique

I’m part of a few photography groups on some social media sights.  I’ll admit I don’t really participate much.  Maybe I’ll comment here and there and post my work every once in a blue moon, but for the most part I just observe.  Some of the groups are for more advanced photographers and others are for beginners and/or hobbyists.  

One thing I’ve noticed from looking at these groups is a lack of concept.  While I think it’s ok to sometimes stop and shoot a beautiful sunset, I also think it can be very overdone.  A lot of photographers have the technical side down (metering, composition, etc), but many are missing a concept, which is what ties everything together to make photography an art.  I’m becoming more conscious of this myself and getting into lifestyle/fashion photography has my mind thinking of ways to tell stories through the editorials I shoot.  Everything goes into it and plays a part. (Wardrobe, location, model, lighting, etc) you can have a beautiful model, but bad lighting.  You can have awesome lighting and horrible wardrobe and on and on.  Anything can ruin a shot if no thought is behind it.

You can teach anyone to shoot a backlit portrait, but does it serve a purpose?  It should! I’m by no means an expert on this and am still learning to put together concepts more smoothly.  I think we should all consider this before calling ourselves photographers as opposed to “picture takers.”  




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