Don’t Be Afraid of the Sun – Shooting at High Noon

One of the fundamental rules in photography is to try not to shoot during times where the sun is so high in the sky that it creates harsh shadows on your subject.  While this is a good rule to follow regarding family portraits and other ‘soft feel’ shoots, I’ve found myself deliberately breaking this rule for my last few editorial shoots. 

Now in order to do this, you definitely have to be prepared with filters and reflectors if you’re not wanting to use flash (which I didn’t in these cases).  Also, I chose male subjects because males tend to look better with a furrowed brow than females.  (Don’t confuse this look with squinty eyes).  If I do shoot with a female subject at this time of day, I’ll usually have them wear sunglasses – which usually means I’m trying to showcase the sunglasses anyway.  Another rule of thumb is to find some shade to shoot in.  (This is also good for female subjects.)

In some cases the sidewalk or sand acts as a natural reflector and in others I used an actual reflector.  (My husband did a wonderful job assisting.)

So I think it’s really ok to break rules sometimes.  If not, won’t all your photos be boring? 😉




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