Inspiration Everywhere

After listening to quite a few interviews of photographers that I admire, I realize the most asked question is ‘what inspires you?’  Fashion photographer, Melissa Rodwell, answered it the best: “Everything.  Creatives shouldn’t have trouble looking for inspiration.  If you do, then maybe you’re not a creative.”  At first I thought it was a little harsh, but she’s right.  It actually made me see that I really am inspired by so many things every day.  Literally it can be anything.  I also realized that overthinking my inspiration has been holding me back from shooting.  

So I decided that if something truly inspires me, I’m going to make it a point to photograph in some way or another.  The other night my friend dyed her hair jet black. (My hair color of preference) It looked great on her! So i just said, hey let’s do a shoot and we did.  Now I know this ‘on a whim’ mentality doesn’t always work, but for now it helps me pinpoint more spefically what I truly draw my inspiration from. 


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