Virginia and a forgetful Photographer

Living in Florida for 17 years I think makes me an official Floridian.  I’ve accepted the fact that to me, 50 degrees is worthy of a light jacket and I will utter the words “It’s cold!”.  When my husband and I decided to go to Colonial Williamsburg during the winter, I wondered if we were going crazy.  I checked the weather forecast and it was supposed to snow when we were there so I was excited to capture snowy landscapes with my camera since it was something I hadn’t photographed before.  

I charged my battery and set everything to take with me on the 8 hour trip to Virginia.  We left at 4 in the morning and as we’re crossing the Florida/Georgia line my husband asks “Did you bring your camera?” My heart sank.  It was still in my studio, packed up where I had left it.  I couldn’t believe it.  On the night that we arrived Virginia received 8 inches of snow and the earth was covered with the purest white I had ever seen.  And I kicked myself every hour for leaving my camera.

I had to settle for my phone.  I can say it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought.  I found some editing apps and the editing software on the phone isn’t horrible.  Nonetheless, I was able to get some nice shots.  


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