Male Models – Double Standards?

First blog post of the year! Woohoo! Moving on 🙂
The other day I got a chance to get a male model in my studio. We had been trying to get this shoot done since last year and it was finally realized. Sergio is a fitness science major at UNF and it shows in his physique. I decided to go all black and white for the shoot (except for one) because I’m partial to it and i thought it would help concentrate on the shadows and textures his muscles created.

Now it’s funny, when I photograph a female model I get tons of likes on social media, but when I shoot males, the likes are minimal. Why is this? Is it a double standard? With female models the likes come from both women and men. I posted a picture of Sergio and the few likes I got were all from women. One of the boys in my youth group said he wanted to like it because he always enjoys my work, but he didn’t because he didn’t want it to seem like he liked how the guy looked. I laughed at that.

I just find it funny how a girl can like a picture of another girl in a bikini or even nude and no questions are asked, yet a guy likes a picture of a shirtless guy and brows are raised.

Honestly I wouldn’t have thought anything like that if males had liked the picture. Hopefully you’re liking the photography style and not just the subject. But anyway, I’ve ranted on and don’t work for likes, but to get better. 🙂 introducing Sergio:













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