Bringing the Studio Outdoors

Recently, I got the chance to do a shoot for a quinceañera. I wasn’t able to actually go to the party because I was out of town (more on that later), but the family still wanted me to do the pictures for the album. Of course I was flattered, so I wanted to make this very special for them. The birthday girl didn’t have anyone to do her hair or makeup. I’m usually ok dealing with the makeup, but hair? Eek. Now I’ve done hair in the shoot that I did that was inspired by Maleficent, but it was messy and frizzy which worked for that shoot. I knew this couldn’t be messy or frizzy. This was very “princess style” so I was a little nervous. Luckily, her hair was very easy to deal with and the curls stayed the whole night with minimal product in her hair.

I borrowed a portable battery source from my photographer friend and took my strobes on location. I was actually little nervous that they wouldn’t work because I did a wedding earlier in the year on location and they weren’t cooperating. Come to find out, the strobes that I have don’t respond outdoors when there is too much light. (I have Interfit ex150s) I tried it out the night before at my house and they fired! So because this shoot was at night, it worked out perfectly. It was amazing. I was able to have the ambient light in the background and light her up like I was in the studio. Best of both worlds. Definitely made me think that the next thing I need to purchase is not a flash, but the Paul C Buff battery.

Valentina was such a good sport on this chilly night and has the best serious face I’ve ever seen on a 15 year old. Here they are:


















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