Darkness Falls

I’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately. I’ve had a couple difficult weddings in the last 2 weeks. Not difficult because of the people but because of the lighting situations, but more on that on my next post.

So now that daylight savings has begun (or ended? I don’t know.) it’s dark by 6 pm. I get off of work at 5 (rush hour) so scheduling shoots on the weekdays now means night shoots. That’s a good and bad thing. Bad thing because my flash is pretty much crap. Good because I enjoy the feel of night photography. Bad because I see twilight slipping away while I’m driving to the location. Good because it challenges me.

So recently I did a shoot with a young man from my church and I remembered how hard it is for me to focus. It makes the process very frustrating. I always feel a little embarrassed asking someone to hold up their cell phone screen to give my camera something it can focus on. This happened a lot at the last wedding I did, but again, more on that later. I don’t know why this embarrasses me. I’ll get over it eventually. So besides the struggles of a bad flash, my astigmatism, and a camera body that produces a lot of noise in low light, I’m actually pretty satisfied with the results.














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