Sister, Sister – An Impromptu Shoot

Last weekend I was a little bummed out because the model shoot I had planned got cancelled and we had to reschedule.  However, I got a call in the evening from Juliet saying she was thinking of me because of something she and her sister, Shirley, wanted to do for a friend of the family.  They wanted to take a picture and put it in a frame to give to their mom in Colombia because a friend was visiting and he hadn’t seen them in a very long time.  They were going to take the picture with their phone but then told me that it wouldn’t come out as nice unless I did it instead.  I was, of course, flattered and very excited for this.  Then she said she needed the print before Monday at noon.

The lab I use ships things overnight but it was already Friday night and we hadn’t even done the shoot yet.  Even if I did order it on Sunday it would get there Monday but probably not until the evening.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous about being able to get this done in time for them, but I was very determined.

These sisters had been through so much while they were in Colombia and even more when they came to the United States, having to leave their mom and rest of their family behind.  It was a very last minute thing, but I was not inconvenienced at all.  I switched around my plans and made it happen.  We did the shoot on Saturday evening at the beach and I picked the one I thought best for the frame.  I was able to find somewhere that prints on Sundays – it wasn’t the quality of my lab but it did the job.  I ordered it 11×14 and trimmed it to 10×13 which was the size of the frame the girls gave me.

They were very happy with it and, you know, so was I.  Not because I think I did such a great job, but because I was able to deliver it for them.  These girls are two of the most beautiful people I know.  Not just on the outside, but they have beautiful hearts.  They deserve much more and I was just happy to be a part of that sweet gesture to their mother.

This was the one chose for the frame.
This was the one chosen for the frame.
I love how they have these perfect model faces after being all goofy! 🙂

SJFB2 SJFB3 SJFB4 SJFB5 SJFB6 SJFB7 SJFB8 SJFB9 SJFB10 SJFB11 SJFB12 SJFB13 SJFB14All of this inspired me to take a photo with my sister for my mom.  So the next day I made it happen as well:

My sister on the left, me on the right 🙂



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