Vacation and Phonetography

I just came back from vacation and it’s very hard to even write this because it means I have to actually go to work tomorrow.  (ugh)  I brought my camera on my vacation to South Florida and Key West, but I can honestly say it stayed in it’s bag the whole time.  I didn’t take it out once.  Now, there are photographers who may think I’m not passionate enough, but I remember my favorite professor in college saying that he never takes his camera on vacation.  People usually gasp and say “why?” but his answer actually makes a lot of sense to me.  He says it’s because he wants to actually enjoy his vacation and not try to worry about getting a good shot.

One could argue that you are enjoying the vacation, but in this case I agree with him.  Now when I went to Puerto Rico last year I did actually use my camera but I had to worry about not damaging it in the water when I went to the rainforest or the beach, etc.  That is why there were days on that vacation where I left the camera at my grandma’s house (where I was staying).

This time, even though I brought it with me, I decided that I wanted to pay attention to the environment around me and mostly, my husband, since when I’m working on my photography at home my attention span is divided.  I don’t regret it one bit.  Yeah of course I could’ve taken an amazing shot of the sunset while we were on the boat, but you know, my phone actually came in handy for that.  I have never been one to use my phone and claim it is great photography, but this trip changed my view on that.  There actually is a lot you can do with your phone when it comes to getting quick shots and putting it away when you’re done.  I actually got a few shots that I was pretty satisfied with!

The phone will never replace the DSLR in my opinion, but it allowed me to enjoy my vacation without ignoring my artistic eye.  Here are a few shots I got with my phone.. (I have the iphone 4, mind you, but I am upgrading very soon! haha.)

Southernmost Point, Key West, Fl
Duval Street, Key West, Fl


Sombrero Beach, Marathon, Fl
Sombrero Beach, Marathon, Fl

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