Started From the Bottom, On Her Way to the Top: a 28-Year-Old High-Fashion Hairstylist’s Dream Becomes a Reality

Editorial Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Motivational Speaker Aleetha Clanton and I talked for an hour and a half about how she started her booming hairstyling business from free test shoots to hairstyling for Vogue, Elle and celebrities with no formal cosmetology training.

“If you want to be in this [fashion] industry, get a waitressing job.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.19.01 AM Photo:

I met up with this Jersey gal at a Paul Mitchell school in Ewing, NJ where she’s not teaching, but she’s a student. She says she doesn’t need the license to style hair but she loves education and wants to learn the science behind hair.

Hairstyling came natural to Clanton as young as eight years old after a hairstyle gone badly. The track braid came across her forehead, and she wore it more as a headband for a little while and afterwards, she fixed it. She styled her friends’ hair throughout high school and…

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