Savannah’s Fashion Night Out

Living in northern Florida, I have to do my research and travel a little out of my way to go to a decent fashion event.  In this case I found one two hours away in Savannah, GA.  I thought it would be a good networking opportunity for me.  My mom trained me well in the “don’t talk to strangers” area of my life.  Talking to strangers and making decent conversation is definitely not my forte and is somewhat of a fear.  I’m somewhat of an introvert until you get to know me and it’s difficult to initiate conversation.  

Anyhow, I got there right when it started so I have to say it was a little slow at first.  I thought the outdoor setup was pretty cool but it needed more attention.  I mean that it needed more signs pointing to the event.  I only knew where it was because I saw a few people walking in that direction.  They blocked off a portion of the downtown Savannah area and made it to where you could walk the streets.  There were runways set up on either end of the blocks for two main runway shows. The first thing that caught my attention were artists drawing live models on a platform:



I have to say I walked around for about 20 minutes without talking to any one and just looking around because, well, I was scared to approach anyone. (I told you I was skurd. haha!)  I really just wanted to talk to some of the local designers but I didn’t even know where to begin.  I decided just to start like I usually do in events that I go to: ask people to take their photo.  I decided to take photos of people I thought were dressed either unique or just nice.  This young girl with her mother caught my eye across the runway while we were waiting for the first show to start, so I approached them:


I loved her unique style and mostly because she was her own!  I told her that right before I snapped the photo which is why she is cheesin’!  This loosened me up a little and I was on my way to find more people that were dressed pretty sharp.  I have to say, people in Savannah can dress!  I was pleasantly surprised.  Which is more than I can say for most of the photographers there.  

Side note:  Photographers, if you’re going to a fashion event, please try to look at least decent.  I get the comfort issue and even the fact that you’re the one behind the camera, but at least make it look like you showered and groomed before coming to a fashion event.  (ok I’m done ranting about that)


This was my outfit for the night if you’re wondering:

Bathroom Selfie!

So the runway show was under way and the local boutiques there have great style!  A little different than Florida fashion but definitely still with a southern flair of course:

Fashionnight15Fashionnight22Fashionnight36It felt pretty good to get a good spot next to the runway to get some pretty good shots of the models.  However, I think this was mainly because there actually weren’t a lot of people there at all.  After the fashion show, I went into a few of the boutiques and talked to a few of the owners.  We exchanged cards and I bought a wooden ring made by an artisan from Go Fish boutique that I really love and think it goes with everything!



All in all, I’d say Savannah’s Fashion Night has a lot of potential to be a really big event.  A few things I would improve is having something a little more interactive in between runway shows.  I ended up leaving at 9:30 (the event ended at 11:30) because it seemed like everything was pretty much over.  People were leaving and there was nothing going on at the other runway.  Apparently the next show started at 10, but that was posted no where so I missed that one.  I think they should have a schedule of events, at least on their website. 



I think I’ll be attending this event next year with a little less fear of talking to people and a plan to attend the after parties.  I was by myself in an unfamiliar city so I didn’t want to risk anything.  I think a lot more networking could be done there.  Until next week, my lovelies!



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