Rain, Rain, Go Away

Ok so my last post I talked about giving myself a schedule. It’s not really working out like I’d hoped. I’ve been trying to wake up 2 hours earlier than normal before I have to get ready for my day job so I can work on some of my photos. I did get caught up on one shoot but the last 2 days I’ve just been glued to my bed. Maybe it’s the whole waking up at 5 am every day thing and getting home 12 hours later that has left me kind of dead. Last night I went to sleep at 9 pm. 9. That’s crazy! I’m such a night owl but I was so tired. And I slept entirely through the night and woke up at 6:30 this morning. I didn’t get anything accomplished with my photos for the last 2 days. I’m thinking maybe moving those 2 hours to the evening. I tend to work better then.

I tried to do some test shots with my husband on Tuesday. You would think it would be the easiest thing because my studio is in the next room. But he was “too tired.” I can’t blame him. His hours at his job are very taxing. But I guess I’m frustrated because I really need new work and new faces. And every time I try to set up a personal shoot, I’ve been getting rained out. It’s a little ridiculous. Hopefully today it won’t rain as badly since I had to reschedule my swimwear shoot from Monday. We’ve been having these torrential downpours all summer and it’s been very difficult to schedule anything on-location.

I love my studio but I’m limited. It’s small and I can’t really move the model around much. So I’ll let you all know what happens tonight and hopefully have a preview of the swimwear shoot instead of saying we had to reschedule.



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