Getting through Obstacles

Following your dreams definitely comes at a price. There are choices you have to make and things you have to leave behind. Things like sleep. 😦 I’ve been waking up at 5 am every day just to catch up on editing that I’ve been behind on.

I learned that I can’t wait for my day off to do this because of a few factors: 1. I most likely have a shoot scheduled that will add on to the pile of editing and 2. Sometimes I need a day to relax out of the week instead of work 24-7.

I’ve never prided myself on my organization skills but I’ve realized that in order to really get things done with my photography, I have to make myself a schedule. I even have to incorporate blogging in that schedule, for example.

I’m cheating a little today though. I called out of work because I’m just tired and want to get other things done.

In other news, my shoots keep getting rained out, which is really annoying. Also, I’ve found some really helpful learning resources to help me with my portfolio that are relatively inexpensive. Shout out to Lindsay Adler for that!

I’m excited to share a few new projects with you guys soon!



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