I’ve noticed I’ve started to get a little comfortable in my style with my photography. So tonight I started to rework some photos that now looking back I was a little lazy with. This all started because someone voted one of my photos as ‘needs work’. I wanted to get defensive but then I thought, ‘you know, they’re right.’ I only did 2 because it’s late and I have to get up early for a photoshoot but I’ll show you the first one (before and after) and you can let me know if it’s better or not:

Before and after, respectively:


and here is a beach one.. i’m actually a lot happier with the rework on this next one.  




I really want to start working on learning retouching a lot better.  Especially since I want to get into fashion photography.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some practice studio time to work on lower fstops with my strobes.  I haven’t quite gotten used to them yet on lower fstops.  They keep on being too bright, but I really want that blurred background so I don’t have to worry so much about editing wrinkles and what not.  Anyway, feel free to comment.  And keep in mind that, ‘you suck’ and ‘quit photography’ doesn’t really help anyone.  I welcome constructive criticism, though most internet people don’t know what that even means.  Good night all 🙂


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