The Little Studio That Could

I finally set up my studio the other day and wasted no time setting up a shoot.  I’m trying to build the fashion side of my portfolio so I decided it would lean more on the high fashion side instead of glamour.  Of course I used my favorite model, my best friend, because.. well.. she’s awesome and also it’s her last shoot with me before she moves to New Jersey in 2 weeks (sadface).  

My studio has muslin background which I do NOT prefer. I prefer the seamless white PAPER background.  This backdrop looks like a sheet.  I ironed it for 2 hours and it is still wrinkled.  This makes it hard to light because the wrinkles cast shadows.  That forces me to edit it out in photoshop afterwards.  I can’t complain though.  At least it’s a studio that I can finally practice in.  And this shoot really let me see that I definitely need to practice.  I felt so out of my element.  It’s been so long since I’ve been in a studio.  Also, the space is so small I didn’t know how else to direct the model.   The lighting part was ok, it was more the conceptual side that had me stumped.  

Here is a little preview.  When I have more of them edited I’ll post them but right now I have to concentrate on finishing editing a wedding that I shot last weekend.  




I’m gonna miss her.. :/

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