Lately I’ve considered learning more about retouching for the simple fact while I love the actually photoshoot, I love more the post-production part. Yes it is time consuming but so rewarding and FUN! I think every photographer should know how to correctly work their photos in post production so it looks like it was taken that way. I’m not a fan of cheesy edits or color selection or whatever. I simply use it as a retouching tool. I’m also all about ‘get it right in the camera’ but in all honesty it doesn’t happen that way sometimes for circumstances beyond our control.

Like I’ve mentioned before, my flash failed sometime last year and I haven’t had the money just yet to invest in a good one. I was using a crappy sunpak flash that has NO POWER. Well I took this sunset picture and metered for the background because I really didn’t want to blowout the sky because it was just a perfect time of day. Of course the foreground (the couple) was too dark because the flash didn’t illuminate regardless of me bouncing it off of a reflective surface.

Now the picture wasn’t SO bad if I just raised the levels so the foreground was good but it completely washed out the sky and I really don’t like digital dodge and burn even though it’s necessary sometimes. (it’s just not the same as a real darkroom L ) I really wanted that sky, especially because you could see downtown Tampa in the background. So I had to create a few layers and work with them separately. It’s a little time consuming because you have to select correctly or you’ll see where you selected. This isn’t a tutorial so I’m not going to put screen shots up or anything but here is the finished product:


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