Your paintbrush makes great paintings!


I hope I’m speaking on behalf of all legitimate photographers out there with this post.

The other day I shot some complimentary shots of my co-worker’s band so he could use on their website and social media, etc. Now I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t have the latest gear when it comes to cameras and lenses. Nor do I find it necessary to put on my website or facebook page the type of gear I shoot with. I think it’s irrelevant. If you’re a good photographer, you’re a good photographer whether you have the latest gear or not. It’s the same on the other side of the spectrum. If you’re a bad photographer, you’re going to be a bad photographer with a point-and-shoot or with a Canon Mark III.

So anyway, today I decided to show him one of the shots since I had it with me (see Above)

This is how the scenario played out.

*I show him the above photo*

Coworker: Holy moly! That’s a great shot! Send it to me so I can show the lead singer (the guy in the photo).
Me: yeah sure! I’ll have the rest for you tomorrow.
Coworker: What is it that you shoot with? Nikon?
Me: Canon actually.
Coworker: Which one?
Me: It’s an oldie, but a Canon Rebel Xti.. The first digital model of the rebel series.
Coworker: *flabbergasted* What? Really? Well geez, that camera takes great shots!

In my head I was like.. seriously.. did you seriously just say that?…. instead I just lightheartedly replied “it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer”

Think about this. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS STATEMENT. It’s seriously like telling a painter, “Wow! Your paintbrush makes great paintings!” or a fashion designer “Whoa, your sewing machine makes awesome clothes.” Or a carpenter “Your hammer and buzzsaw make great furniture!” and I can go on and on and on. The point?

The camera is a TOOL. That’s it. The camera didn’t take the picture. I did. I metered the light, I decided the shutter speed and most importantly, I edited that photo to make it look the way it did. It didn’t come out of the camera looking that way. I don’t get why photographers get so discredited. I guess because people who buy expensive cameras with no knowledge set the thing on automatic, shoot away, get a lucky shot and think it’s that easy.

Would better gear make my life easier? Oh yeah. Especially in low light situations. But I simply can’t afford it right now, so I have to pay my dues for the time being and kickass with what I have. *drops mic*

If you’re wondering, the picture above was shot with a Canon rebel xti, at F1.8, on a 50mm, at ISO 800


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