I can’t deny.. I’m a 90’s kid.

Last week I finally did the 90’s inspired fashion shoot with the make-up that I was talking about on my last blog.  This shoot was actually pretty frustrating.  Not because of the model or anything, but let’s just say I wanted this to be a daytime shoot and it ended up being a night shoot!  I rented a reflector to use with the harsh sun but on the day we were supposed to shoot, it rained all day like crazy.  Didn’t get to use the reflector, so that was $20 down the drain.  So we rescheduled for a day where I had to go to my day job.  I tried to do the make up as fast as I could, but after hair, nails, and the location being 30 minutes away from the model’s house, we got there by nightfall.  So I thought, alright I like nightshoots since they’re a little more challenging.  

I borrowed my friend’s flash and small slave flash since my flash died last year and I replaced it with a cheapo flash that barely has any power.  Ugh.  That is my next purchase.  I was already getting ideas about back lighting and different angles where I could position the slave flash.  I was excited.  I test the slave flash at the house and it worked perfectly every time the master flash went off.  

We get to the location – the slave flash doesn’t want to work.  Unless it’s directly in front of my camera, which makes no sense.  I was so frustrated.   It threw me off.  The shots I was getting weren’t what I wanted.  So I had to take a step back and say, ok, I have to make due with what I have. And then I was on it.  I had to use ambient light around me – most of which was flourescent lighting (worst lighting ever!).  Thank God that the skills I learned in school came into play with correcting those shots.  So anyway, long story short.  I only pulled off one backlit shot because it was the only time the slave flash actually went off when I wanted it to.  

I got the model home at midnight and she had school the next day! (oops!) Luckily I know her parents 🙂  After all that frustration.. here they are.. enjoy!:



This one is my fave:





And finally, here is the ONE shot the flash decided to work.. drum roll please……




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