Playing with the Big Boys

n as I’ve been on this journey to figure out my photography career, I realize that the up and down has helped me narrow down a lot of things. I was researching some modeling agencies here locally and was overwhelmed at how far away from my style they are. From what I’ve researched you should try to test models from agencies and cater to their style, but the style is too far away from what I normally shoot. It seems so “Glamour Shots” and just not me. I’m a little edgier and I’ve come to figure out that I really enjoy swimwear shoots.

Anyway, I started checking out some Miami agencies and it felt more familiar, which then got me thinking that I might be ready to play with the big boys. Now this doesn’t mean that I think I’m as good as those photographers that have been in the industry for a while, but I’m willing to work up to that. I don’t want to stay in an “easy” market because it won’t challenge me and you get nothing from hearing praise all the time. If I need to build tough skin it needs to be somewhere where I might get rejected and pushed. Which then makes me want to leave J-ville.. This is going to require a lot of prayer.

I realized I never shared the swim shoot that I did last summer. Maybe just one or two photos but you all deserve more than that. Here you go!

















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