It is NOT like riding a bike

You know when people say “it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget.”  Well, this does NOT apply to studio photography.  I have not been in the studio in 4 years and let’s just say if you don’t use it you lose it.  I remember the basic positioning of the lights and what they might be called, but I found myself on Youtube trying to figure out the metering process.  It was all very vague.  I remembered the gist (jist? gist? whatever.) of it but it just felt off.  It was probably because I was dealing with different equipment than what i was used to when I was in school so I just didn’t understand it.  Anyway, after playing around with it, it started to come back to me.  Here’s one of the test shots I did.  (please don’t judge me, I am not meant to be in front of the camera):


I had forgotten how awesome softboxes are and how in control I felt when I was working in the studio before.  Retouching is minimal with studio lighting (if you do it right).  Like on the above picture I just added in some blacks because my hair was slightly washed out and added some color saturation.  Well i also took away some of my freckles but that’s just a personal complex.  I don’t have a seamless background yet so this is just against an off-white wall.  I can’t wait to finish setting it up and get some real models in here.  I definitely forgot how fun the studio can be.  If you’re curious, I’m using an interfit ex150 strobe with a 28″ interfit softbox.   Not the highest quality stuff out there, but I’m thankful for what I have.  Alright, calling it a night.  

By the way, I added a new shot to my “selfie” project if you wanna go check it out:  It’s under the “personal work” gallery. 


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