The Studio

I’ve been a little busy lately. Well, honestly, I’ve been a little discouraged and I’ve let it get to me. I really have to learn how to get past those downs and just keep pushing. Although, I did make some progress on my studio. I have a feeling I’ll be able to get it finished before the year is over which is great!

I found some encouragement last night as I was talking to one of my photographer friends. It’s crazy how hard you can be on yourself and how you’re not able to see your skill. I think I’m ready to finally get my portfolio out there and start calling some modeling agencies. It’s really scary and I’m praying to see how I can work up the nerve to do this and either get accepted or rejected (eek!). I guess the tough-skin-building starts now. Something tells me I won’t be in Jacksonville for very long once I really start to pursue the dream. Like, really pursue it. SIGH! It feels like I’m jumping out of an airplane without any instruction on how to skydive. Change is coming!





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