Dry Spell

Have any artists/photographers out there experienced a dry spell? I don’t mean just about not getting clients but artistically as well. I’ve had a lot of inquiries lately but only one booking. And that didn’t really bother me as much earlier in this year because I had a lot of self funded projects like the photo shoot in miami and savannah. Now I’m working on my “#selfie” project but I’m kind of stuck on that as well. I want to do another glamour shoot with my model/friend but I don’t want it to be too similar to all my other stuff. I dunno. I’ve also had a stomach bug the last 2 days and have missed work because of it. Usually when I’m away from my day job I get things done with my photography. I’ve been so weak though that I’ve just been laying in bed. Maybe I’m being impatient with everything. It just felt like the first couple of months were go go go and now it’s slowed a little. I mean yeah i do have a shoot on monday and the following friday (same client), so I dont know why it feels slow. Patience is a virtue I guess. Anyway i was looking through some of my old shoots and i forgot how much I enjoyed this one from last year 🙂










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